Holiday Season 2020

We have gift certificates available for the holiday season! Our gift certificates are incredibly versatile and can be redeemed for Pottery classes, jewelry purchases, for sale Art from our Gallery, or studio time!

Give the gift of an artistic outlet or they can pick a handmade piece of locally made art from the Gallery that speaks to them!

Call the Kreativity Center at (207)235-3000 or “Like” and follow us and FaceBook to find out which local events we will be vending at this Holiday season!

Movin’ on up! ~PayPal Powered~

We have been working on making our website easier to navigate through Karen’s artwork as well as purchase directly from her via PayPal!

Although here at the Kreativity Center we are great at many things, computer sciences does not happen to be one of them! We appreciate you’re patience and thoughtful feedback during our transition time to this easier method of selling/sharing art with the world! ~ Thank you!